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Since taking office, President Biden and his administration have repeatedly abused their power by circumventing Congressional approval to implement their radical agenda. In his first two years, President Biden has unilaterally enacted regulations that have added more than $300 billion in new costs to our economy.

These include the President’s unlawful student loan bailout, bans on oil and gas lease sales, and the administration’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investor rules that have put Americans’ retirement funds at risk. Clearly, we cannot trust the federal bureaucracy to hold itself accountable.

Congressman Tom Emmer discusses the REINS Act

To counter the excessive authority being wielded by the Biden administration, the House of Representatives passed the REINS Act. The REINS Act is designed to restore accountability and transparency while reasserting Congress’s legislative authority. It would require every new “major rule” –that is, a federal regulation with a $100 million impact on our economy--proposed by federal agencies to be approved by both the House of Representatives and the Senate before going into effect. We were proud to support this legislation as one of its original cosponsors and eagerly anticipate its passage in the Senate.

By requiring Congressional approval for any new major rule, the REINS Act ensures that unelected bureaucrats cannot unilaterally impose burdensome rules on Americans. This bill will empower Congress to scrutinize regulations meticulously, considering their potential economic impacts and unintended consequences before they become law. This allows us to strike a balance that encourages responsible regulation while safeguarding our economic growth and Americans’ individual liberties.

The increased transparency and accountability fostered by the REINS Act will ensure that regulatory decisions are made by the people’s representatives in Congress, not career bureaucrats.






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