Dear Friend, 

The news coming out of Israel is horrific.

Over 1,400 innocent Israeli men, women and children and at least 33 Americans were murdered by Hamas. An estimated 250 individuals were taken hostage, some ripped from their homes. Over 7,000 rockets have rained down on the Israeli people.

We must not look away from these atrocities.

Failing to condemn Hamas would not just mean abandoning one of our closest allies, Israel. It would mean allowing global terrorism to thrive unchecked.

This week, the House of Representatives sent a strong message: the United States remains steadfast in our support of Israel. On Wednesday, 412 bipartisan members of the House came together to pass a resolution standing with Israel as it defends itself against these barbaric, unprovoked attacks from Hamas.

We also took immediate action to help bring home Americans that are being imperiled by the war. Earlier this month, we led the Minnesota Republican delegation in a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken demanding information on the status and path home for Americans stranded in Israel.

Our office was proud to assist in the evacuation of numerous Minnesotans from Israel. You can learn more about how our district offices in Otsego and Chaska can help advocate on your behalf with federal agencies like the State Department here.

Bafflingly, the terror being waged against Israel is not enough for everyone to decry Hamas. Antisemitism, whether it appears on college campuses or in the halls of Congress, will not be tolerated. In May, we voted to condemn the rise of antisemitism and pledged to curb its spread.

As Israel defends her homeland, we must remain resolute in our support for our ally and vigilant to prevent antisemitism at home and abroad.






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