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October 20, 2020

Reps. Scott, Bishop, Johnson and McBath Urge Labor Commissioner to Reduce Backlog of Unemployment Benefits Claims for Georgia Workers

Washington, D.C.-This week, Representative David Scott (GA-13), along with Reps. Sanford Bishop (GA-02), Hank Johnson (GA-04) and Lucy McBath (GA-06), sent a letter to the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) Commissioner urging the agency to resolve the significant backlog of unemployment benefits claims for Georgia workers.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment rates hit levels not seen since the Great Depression. While these rates have begun to decline, many Georgians have yet to receive their benefits or even reliable communications from GDOL. Throughout the duration of the pandemic, the Representatives’ offices have been inundated with a staggering number of inquiries from their constituents concerning the status of their unemployment insurance and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance applications and benefits. 

“In April, more than 614,000 workers applied for unemployment benefits in Georgia, bringing the state’s unemployment rate to an all-time high of 12.6 percent,” said Rep. Scott. “Sadly, thousands of Georgians are still waiting over six months later to receive assistance or simple and regular updates about their claims from the Georgia Department of Labor. This is unacceptable. Hard-working Georgians who have lost their jobs due to this pandemic and no fault of their own deserve support during their time of urgent need. We need answers now on what steps GDOL will take to reduce their significant backlog."

"In the time of COVID-19 which has caused record unemployment, we need answers and actions to determine why Georgians are not receiving their unemployment benefits on time,” said Rep. Bishop.  “Late benefits mean late rent checks, late bill payments, and potentially missed meals. I am hopeful we can come to a solution to support Georgians who are struggling during this pandemic."

 "Citizens of our great state of Georgia have been denied the unemployment benefits a bipartisan majority in Congress provided for them in the CARES Act,” stated Rep. Johnson. “Their unemployment benefits have been caught up in bureaucratic red tape -- their petitions to the Georgia Department of Labor left to languish as rent comes due, more jobs are lost, and family members get sick. We need to understand why these valid claims aren’t being met with the attention they deserve and find a way to streamline this process as we move forward.” 

Click here to read the full letter.


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