News from Representative David Scott


February 22, 2021

Today, Congressman David Scott led members of the Georgia delegation in a letter to Georgia Speaker of the House Ralston and Georgia Senate Majority Leader Dugan expressing their profound concerns with recently introduced legislation relating to voting procedures.

“We are pleased that after many recounts and certifications, claims of widespread voter fraud were soundly rejected,” said Scott. “And yet, a number of bills have been introduced that would effectively make it more difficult for Georgians to cast their ballot.”

Scott continued, “This is blatant voter suppression. 2020 showed the largest voter turnout ever for Georgia, with minority groups making up a larger share of the state’s electorate than ever before. And it is critically important at a time when our democracy has been threatened by the events on January 6th to ensure the people of Georgia have faith in our elections. Exceptional voter turnout should be celebrated, not discouraged.”

The letter is co-signed by: Rep. Bishop, Rep. Bourdeaux, Rep. Johnson, Rep. McBath, and Rep. Williams. 

The full text of the letter can be viewed here.


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