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Dear Neighbor,

The coronavirus pandemic brought parents into their children's online classrooms last year, and many did not like what they saw. We now know that children across this nation are being indoctrinated with a Marxist ideology called "Critical Race Theory (CRT)," a dogma that preaches American society is defined only by racism, and that we as individuals are either oppressors or oppressed based solely on the color of our skin.

This is a false and destructive narrative that is being used to divide us and undermine our institutions. We know that the United States is a fundamentally good nation that was the first in human history to articulate that all human beings are equal, and then to strive to live up to that ideal. By adhering to our founding principles, we ended slavery, we ended Jim Crow, and worked to realize Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream that people would be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

But proponents of CRT reject our Declaration of Independence, equality under the law, and King's dream. That's why I signed on to H.Res. 397, a resolution authored by Representative Burgess Owens of Utah that would express the sense of the House of Representatives that CRT is ideological, not educational, and that it should not be taught in classrooms. I also co-sponsored Owens' H.R. 3235, a bill to restore President Trump's ban on CRT being taught to federal employees.

Parents throughout America are fighting for their children and against CRT, and as your voice in our nation's capital, I promise to stand with them.

Do you believe that Critical Race Theory should be taught in schools?

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Mike Kelly
Member of Congress

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