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Sixth District Perspectives
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    From the economy to the border, our Nation faces many challenges. While these at times seem daunting, they are not insurmountable. There is a path to a brighter future for all Americans in a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people." House Republicans have unveiled our Commitment to America, in which we offer a vision for America that makes her safer, freer, and more prosperous. Republicans offer policies focused on a framework of four pillars: an economy that’s strong; a Nation that’s safe; a future that’s built on freedom; and government that’s accountable. Additionally this week, I introduced legislation to help reduce overly burdensome regulations on small businesses, sought to fight fraud against Veterans, honored Fincastle's 250th anniversary, and met with constituents to hear their concerns and priorities.  

A Commitment to America

     This week House Republicans unveiled their plan that provides a roadmap to address the problems created by too much spending and too little safety and security. Specifically, Republicans will push for an economy that’s strong by fighting inflation and lowering the cost of living, making America energy independent and reducing gas prices, and strengthening the supply chain and ending dependence on China. We’ll make our Nation safer by securing the border and combating illegal immigration, reducing crime and protecting public safety, and defending America’s national security. In our fight to build a future built on freedom, we’ll make sure every student can succeed and give parents a voice, work towards health policies with the goal of innovation and competition for Americans to achieve longer, healthier lives, as well as confront Big Tech and demand fairness in the digital age. And finally, Republicans will offer the American people a government that’s accountable by preserving our Constitutional freedoms, holding Washington accountable on COVID, Afghanistan, and the politicization of the DOJ, and restoring the people’s voice.

     Over the course of the coming weeks, I will highlight the four pillars of the Commitment to America, beginning with our plan to strengthen economic stability. 


Economic Stability

     From the grocery aisles to the gas pump to electricity bills, prices have skyrocketed while the value of Americans' paychecks and hard-fought retirement savings have diminished as a result of crippling 40-year high inflation, which has been caused in large part by Democrats’ multi-trillion-dollar radical agenda. Democrat-controlled Washington has jammed through an additional $9 trillion in government spending since President Biden took office. By June of 2022, inflation had increased 550% under Democrat rule. Moreover, year-over-year food prices are edging up 13.5%, the largest increase ever. And the inflation numbers for August were equally troubling. In January ’21, inflation was 1.6%. Today, it is a shocking 8.3%. Worse yet, Biden's executive actions halting American energy exploration and restricting drilling permits, along with the Green New Deal agenda of Democrats in Congress, have caused energy prices to skyrocket, even up to a summer nightmare of $5 in June while it hovers in an improvement at around $3.75, a near-55% increase from $2.39. 

     To get our economy back on track, House Republicans will cut wasteful government spending and use the power of the purse to roll back the federal regulations and executive edicts of Biden’s bloated bureaucracy. Republicans offer economic and fiscal policies that will tame inflation, pay off our national debt, and get our fiscal house in order, such as keeping tax rates low, consolidating duplicate agencies, devolving more responsibility over programs to the states, spending cuts, and deregulation. Further, Republicans will stop the Green New Deal agenda and support increasing American-made energy by cutting the burdensome permitting process for new oil and gas leases to lower the cost of gas and utilities and unleash American energy. 

Click here for my thoughts on the economic pledge of our Commitment to America

The Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act

   Too often, Washington bureaucrats impose new regulations that only make it harder for America’s small business owners to thrive. That's why I introduced the Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act (H.R. 8933), a commonsense solution to the rulemaking process by requiring federal agencies to no longer ignore the economic impacts that proposed regulations might have on small businesses. This legislation will help protect small businesses from the burdensome costs and uncertainty of unnecessary regulations. It’s an important step forward to create a government that understands small businesses, rather than a government that makes it harder to do business. Read more here.


Stopping the Scammers Targeting Our Veterans

     It’s despicable that scammers have recently targeted Veterans seeking to receive their benefits earned under the newly enacted PACT Act. That's why I sent a letter with my colleagues to Secretary Denis McDonough and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) seeking decisive solutions as to how the VA can stop these scams and protect our Veterans from this fraud. We asked that Secretary McDonough and the VA "use every available resource to ensure a smooth process for the millions of newly eligible Veterans submitting disability claims [and use] any type of outreach initiatives, such as a public service campaign, that educate our Veterans on how to protect themselves from scams, report suspicious activity, and properly submit a PACT ACT-related claim.”

Source: VA

Honoring the 250th Anniversary of Fincastle, Virginia

     This past week on the House Floor it was my privilege to recognize the 250th anniversary of the founding of Fincastle, Virginia. In 1772, western-moving settlers John Mill and Israel Christian founded the town of Fincastle, and by 1784 there were 59 homes as well as taverns and the early formation of a justice system. Once Virginia’s gateway to the West, Fincastle is the county seat of Botetourt, which once extended to the Mississippi River. Meriweather Lewis and William Clark visited Fincastle during their great expedition into the West. Clark returned to Fincastle and married Julia Hancock in 1808 in the historic home, Santillane. The town has been nationally recognized as a Lewis and Clark community. Passing settlers stopped in Fincastle on their way into the interior of what would become the United States, conducting business and buying goods from the merchants in town. Today, Fincastle proudly maintains its heritage and history. The Botetourt County Courthouse, designed by President Thomas Jefferson, is located in Fincastle and contains records going back hundreds of years. Fincastle’s annual Historic Fincastle Festival held last weekend was a bit more special this year, as it celebrated the town’s 250th anniversary, and it was great to be there and celebrate with folks. I am proud to represent this historic town, a bedrock of the oldest colony and the great Commonwealth of Virginia.

Click here to watch my Floor speech celebrating Fincastle's 250th

Sixth District and Washington Pictures


I was honored to introduce to my House Republican colleagues Sarah Ross Geisen, a Gold Star sibling from my hometown of Lexington, who lost her brother, Army CPT Andrew Ross, while he was serving in Afghanistan. This past week, we recognized all our Gold Star families, like Sarah’s, that have lost a loved one in service to our Nation.

As a long-time supporter of school choice, it was great to speak with Christian school administrators, including one from Roanoke Valley Christian Schools, and hear about their advocacy work for religious education.
I enjoyed speaking with government students at Spotswood High School and discussing the value of public service and civic engagement.

COVID-19 Update

     Last week in Virginia there was an average of 17 daily cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 residents, down from 21 last week. This week's COVID-19 test positivity rate was 13%, down from 17% last week. For more information, click here


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