District Update April 18, 2022     

Dear ,

I hope it was a Happy Easter and Passover for all who celebrated. Last week was a busy one back home in Arizona's 6th district. Below, please find an update of my most recent work.


It Is Time To Face The Skyrocketing Inflation Rate



Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with The Hill to discuss some of the most important issues currently impacting Arizonans and Americans: the state of our economy and inflation.

Arizonans in the Scottsdale-Mesa-Phoenix area have been hit harder by inflation than anywhere else in the country with a rate of 10.9%. This is outrageous. It is a priority of mine to advocate and push for sound policy that will revitalize our economy and keep more money in your pockets. That means ending the Democrats out of control spending plans and enacting pro-growth policies that will benefit everyone.


Tips for Spam and Robocalls


I wanted to briefly share with you some tips to evade relentless spam and robocalls from companies that have managed to skirt around the Do Not Call Registry. Many of the spam calls we receive on our personal phones are coming from overseas, making it hard to regulate them here at home.

To learn about ways to diminish spam and robocalls, please click this link here.


Russia Sanctioned Me


On Wednesday, the tyrannical Russian regime sanctioned me and banned me from entering Russian territory. This was in response to my support of Ukraine and my stance against Vladimir Putin and his unwarranted, ongoing attacks against Ukraine.

This news comes as no surprise, as dictator Putin has proven that those who speak in opposition to him, or the atrocities he's carried out, will be suppressed. I will wear this sanction as a badge of honor, and continue to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

For resources relating to Ukraine, please visit my website here.


Valley Fever Gets a Major Funding Boost

It was announced recently that $3.1 million in new funding will be given to researchers from Arizona’s three state universities to analyze Valley Fever hotspots and infection patterns. This is one of the largest funding measures the State has given towards Valley Fever research in over a decade, and I am very pleased to see this kind of action being taken to combat the disease.

As the Co-chair of the Valley Fever Task Force, it is my ongoing commitment to raise awareness around this disease so that we are able to find new data, information, and technology to beat it once and for all – and this new funding is a great step in the right direction.


Honoring 6th District Small Businesses


Throughout this past week, I had the pleasure of recognizing a number of the 6th district's small businesses for their contributions to our community. One of those businesses was Phil's Filling Station, where I had the pleasure of presenting with a certificate of congressional recognition in honor of 25 years of service to the Fountain Hills area.

Being able to recognize those who contribute to the 6th district is one of my favorite parts of serving as your Representative in Congress. I am proud to be surrounded by so many distinguished and caring people in my community.


Tax Filing Deadline Is Today

As one last reminder, the federal tax filing deadline is today. If you are in need of last minute assistance, please click here. The IRS is available 24 hours a day to assist with any help you may need or answer any questions you may have. My website also has tax tips taken directly from information the IRS has publicly shared, which you can see here.


Thank you for taking the time to get up to date on my recent developments in Congress and work on behalf of Arizona's 6th! If you have any comments or concerns, I encourage you to reach out to my office.


David Schweikert